Displays Your Tags and/or Categories in 3D

Here’s one about a wordpress plugin animation category or tag in your article. This plugin gives the impression of the feel of your website alive with animation. Wp-Cumulus plugin in wordpress that was the name that makes the display category or tag your post is so alive with 3D display.

Installation :

  • Make sure you’re running WordPress version 2.3 or better. It won’t work with older versions.
  • Download the zip file and extract the contents. [Download]
  • Upload the ‘wp-cumulus’ folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/).
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘plugins’ page in WP.
  • See ‘Options->WP Cumulus’ to adjust things like display size, etc…

In order to actually display the tag cloud, you have three options.

  • Create a page or post and type [wp – cumulus] anywhere in the content. This ‘tag’ will be replaced by the flash movie when viewing the page. See here for more info.
  • Add the following code anywhere in your theme to display the cloud. This can be used to add WP Cumulus to your sidebar, although it may not actually be wide enough in many cases to keep the tags readable.
  • The plugin adds a widget, so you can place it on your sidebar through ‘Appearance’->’Widgets’. Open the widget to access it’s own set of settings (background color, size, etc).


The tag sphere. You can set colors that match your theme on the plugin's options page.
The options panel.
There's a separate one for the widget.
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