Kesempatan Bekerja di Pertamina

Opportunity for growth in Pertamina is wide open because we have a business from upstream to downstream, from Exploration & Production, Processing, Distribution to Marketing its products, and geothermal. As our investment in the future, we are providing huge funds to create outstanding workers, creating future leaders are tough, capable of carrying Pertamina to face various challenges in the future. We are also committed to advancing research and development supported by the latest technology.
One vital element in the transformation of Pertamina is a cultural change. We strive continuously to build a performance-oriented culture. Your performance will contribute to the transformation program and achieving its targets. We provide equal opportunities to all employees to develop ideas, creativity and innovation. We provide a vast opportunity for you to develop the full potential and abilities. We are sure you are able to show the best performance.


We recruit reliable workers from:

  • Power Fresh graduate – for fresh graduate program consists of the Guidance Profession Degree (BPS), Bachelor of Engineering Professional Guidance (CPM), Practical Guidance Expert (CPA), Practical Guidance Engineers (BPAT). The program includes a class room and on-the-job training. We set up a conducive environment to get to know the company, all business and our values
  • Experienced personnel – To meet the needs of our particular expertise and experience will

Development Worker
Program development workers at Pertamina starts when you join with us and continues throughout your career in the company. Our development programs include:

  • Opportunity to continue their education to higher selectively inside / outside the country, to enhance their capabilities and competencies to build the professionalism of workers
  • Training, seminars, workshops in Pertamina Learning Centre as well as renowned institutions inside / outside the country in the field of Managerial, Specialist, Technical, and Cultural Leadership
  • Professional Certification
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Browse Review which is a Performance Management System in Pertamina, to assess performance and as a basis for employee development program
  • Managerial and specialist career paths
  • Internal job postings, giving the opportunity to change careers in the environment Pertamina
  • Assignment in the subsidiary is part of the coaching and development workers who carried out a planned
Lowongan Tanggal Buka Tanggal Tutup Detil Lowongan
Senior Analyst, Evaluation & Monitoring-Human Resource 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Senior Officer, Individual Development Program-Human Resource 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Senior Officer, Overseas Development Program-Human Resource 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Lead Instructor I – HSE TC-Human Resource 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, ERA Ventures Commercial Evaluation-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, Project Performance & Optimization-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistan Manager, Business Strategic & Evaluation-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Manager, Operational Risk-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning & Evaluation-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Manager, Investment & Financial-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Cementing Specialist-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Manager, New Energy-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant CNG Infrastructure-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Business Control-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Manager Planning & Control-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Plant Operation & Control-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Civil & Structure-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Operation LNG Shipping-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Electrical-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Process-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Marketing Area I-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Assistant Instrument & Control-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011 <
Assistant Manager General Engineering-Gas 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst Project Performance & Optimization-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, MEA Ventures-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, Data Operational-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, Project Control & Validating-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Analyst, CBM Commercial Evaluation-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Carbonate Specialist-Upstream 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Mechanical Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Petrophysics Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Pipeline Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Production Lifting Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Seismic Data Acquisition Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Stratigraphic Interpretation Specialist 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
Senior Analyst Culture Change Implementation 17/08/2011 07/09/2011
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