Lego Computer

Designed and built a mini-ITX case entirely out of LEGO bricks. Here is a time lapse of the build process, just for fun 😀 More information and pictures at Also check out my new Lego router! (LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor or endorse this project or video)
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This is the first part of a planned 16-bit computer that will run entirely in minecraft. That computer will be “Hack” compatible, which is to say that it’ll run code meant for the Hack machine described in The Elements of Computing Systems (a fantastic book that you should look up if you are at all interested in how computers work. Its website is ). Some more info: The design was drawn up in a program called Redstone Simulator (does what it says on the tin), which was written by Baezon on the Minecraft Forums MCEdit ( ) was used to help clear off space and import the design into minecraft. Hours of experimenting with prototypes, modifications to the design, and debugging took place in the game itself, however. This project is far from over. Memory, here I come…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Mau Lihat Lebih...
Mau Lihat Lebih...

50 thoughts on “Lego Computer”

  1. @MrMilkman29 You can say that about any computer case. O.O I know I sure as hell don’t want to drop my computer, regardless if it was made of LEGO or not.

  2. That is awesome, nice job! I would love to make one but I have no clue how to or how to make plans like you did, again, great job though!

  3. @airsoftdude615 just ask your mom if she would take away paper and pencil from you or legos. Thats so stupid…

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