The Computer History Museum

Ellie Rountree visits the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!
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To keep a computer running fast and smooth, free up the hard drive and delete all the cookies from the system. Keep a computer running fast and smooth with tips from a computer specialist in this free video on computers. Expert: Charles Stewart Jr. Contact: Bio: Charles Stewart Jr. has been working with both Windows-based and Mac-based computers for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC

Mau Lihat Lebih...
Mau Lihat Lebih...

50 thoughts on “The Computer History Museum”

  1. Wow, I love it. This may sound a bit Sci-fi but I believe the creation reflects the creator & computers are a way we can understand our plain of existence. One day we will create intelligent life in computers only to find out we are intelligent life in a computer. I often can’t find things I’m looking for until I state in words the thing I’m looking for then I suddenly find it as if it appeared in the next place I looked. Try it. Think of yourself as self programmable & change it for fun.

  2. @scratchyrice
    ah no. it was the poles who cracked it first in 1932 and gave their machine and decryption techniques to the british in 1939.

  3. @VideozJudge server are general only used and MADE to be a server, like huge RAM bank (256gb) and multiple CPU. workstation is a small compact an silent computer (single CPU and small amount of RAM) that can be used as a small useless server or as there main purpuse : surf the internet, write things, and normal paperwork stuff.

  4. Heh…U can feel the girls really not intrested in this technology, and as she saying..Ehhh why im not in a fasion show…what i’m doing here!!

  5. @scratchyrice In Dec1932, the Polish Cipher Bureau first broke Germany’s Enigma ciphers. Five weeks before the outbreak of WW II, on 25 July 1939, Cipher Bureau gave Enigma-decryption techniques and equipment to French and British military intelligence. allied codebreakers were able to decrypt a vast number of messages that had been enciphered using the Enigma. The intelligence gleaned from this source, codenamed “Ultra” by the British, was a substantial aid to the Allied war effort.

  6. @hitachi088 So what is the different between a server and a workstation in a company that have an internet for its server and workstation? then why they call this computer a server and that a workstation if both have internet?????

  7. @heartlessvietboy There is a way to boot up quicker: Many of those small 8-bit systems of the 1980s had ther rudimentary OS’es built into them, in the form of ROM chips. Many of those systems also accepted “cartrudges”; little boxes with more ROM chips in them, which plugged into a port on the computer. The OS, plus any cartridge software yoy may have plugged in, was ready to use a second or two after power-up. Usually, the CRT displays of the day was the last part of the system to get ready.

  8. What I am saying is truth. Some computers take so long to start-up and load its annoying. Even the new ones we buy aren’t loading fast enough. Does anybody know of a way computers can load faster?

  9. Speed up your computer by:

    — cleaning system junk
    — optimizing computer services
    — optimizing internet
    — repairing registry
    — defraging registry
    — clearing browsers junk

    do these things with some secure tool such as Intel Software Partner Reginout.

  10. @mastersqueaks Doing this only prevents some useless files to pile up. you still need to clean up and defragment disk drive, although not as often.

  11. @mastersqueaks on firefox: go to tools>options>Privacy>use custom settings-adjust to your liking.
    Internet Explorer: Toos>Internet Options>General Tab> adjust; although i may be wrong, im not too familiar with IE.

  12. @jeffens1991
    CCleaner (I assume that’s what you are asking about) is a windows based program that clears registry errors, deletes cookies, etc…
    Go to Cnet’s website, and search for CCleaner (It was produced by piriform) to download it.
    It does make a computer much faster.

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