The Lifestyle and You by coupledoingit – SwingFest Video Ess

A fun and comical video essay about swingers and the lifestyle entered into the SwingFest 2008 Video Essay contest. (Details at
Video Rating: 4 / 5 – Early footage of the next game from Team ICO, exclusive to the PlayStation 3. This video may not represent the final product. Allow some time for this to buffer. Visit http for more exciting PlayStation news, reviews, and more!

Mau Lihat Lebih...
Mau Lihat Lebih...

30 thoughts on “The Lifestyle and You by coupledoingit – SwingFest Video Ess”

  1. somehow I feel that in the end this loving fluffy creature will die and kid wont gonna be able to help him and I’m gonna fucking cry.

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  4. @DerBleistiftspitzer0 Shadow of the Colossus’ voicework was not in English or Japanese, but a language made up by the creators. It had English subtitles, at least in the North American version. I believe Ico was the same, so this will probably be the same as well. Of course, there wasn’t much talking to begin with.

  5. This is the OLD game, it looks way better now! (This was at the early stages of development) It’s coming this year.. 🙂 Can’t wait!

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